- And Nate Burleson's going to stretch the ball into the endzone on the first play on the second quarter, evening things up for the Seahawks. A couple of near-interceptions aside, these two offenses have both looked fairly competent. Hasselbeck looked like the Hasselbeck of last year on that drive. 7-7.

- Also, I should tell you now that I won't be sticking with you for the late game today. Sorry. You'll have an open thread to play around in, though.


- Damn. Now there's the vintage Rex Grossman, hitting Berrian perfectly in stride, very very deep over the middle... That's a 68-yard touchdown strike on play action. No pressure, Berrian's just faster than everyone else... 14-7 Bears.

- They come back and force a quick punt by Seattle, too, Brian Urlacher getting downfield to break up a pass (likely an interception by Matt Hasselbeck.

- Pam Oliver pointed out how every Chicago Bear made it a point to go congratulate Rex Grossman on that touchdown... and I can't blame them. Hell, I'm excited for him, too. It's like a kid who stopped peeing the bed... you just can't help but share in their sense of pride.

- Joe Buck is pretending that he doesn't know what's greater, 1/2, or 5/8. Cute, Joe. Come on... there is no way that someone as dorky as Joe Buck doesn't know that. But we appreciate your efforts to relate to the common man, Joe. Very gracious.


- I wonder if the end of football season will mean the end of the Mellencamp commercials. If that's the case, I mean, I love football... but there are times when I'm not sure it's even worth it.

- A few punts are traded, and with 7:08 to play in the quarter, the Seahawks take possession... Chicago receiver Mark Bradley has an ankle injury of some kind. I guess the playing surface is an issue, today. Chris Myers reports that the first time the Bears had even seen the new sod was today, which seems odd, being that they're the home team.


- Twice now, Devin Hester has bobbled punts... he's gotten back on top of both of them, but that's gotta be a concern. This game looks like it could be close enough where something like that could make the difference.

- A Rex Grossman turnover could make the difference, too... and that's what just happened. Julian Peterson gets to him, knocks the ball out, and Seattle is set up nicely at the Bears 26 yard line.


- 4th and inches for Seattle, inside the five yard-line... and they're going to go. They give it to Alexander, and he's in. Alexander looked really good on that drive. Smart, patient, tough... high quality running, and we've got a tie game.

- A fan in the endzone behind the field goal posts has a sign that says "NOONAN" and points to the right... excellent.


- 2:00 warning, and the Bears have good field position after a poor squib kick...

- And they're down to the 34 yard line, just like that, with a Grossman completion to Muhsin Muhammad... and now to the 16 after a completion to Rashied Davis. Grossman looks like Dan fucking Fouts here.


- I've never seen that before... flag down on the play, but it "fell out of the referee's pocket." These new cold-weather ref pants still have some kinks to be worked out, apparently.

- Lovie Smith's jacket has some kind of a pump on it. I'm not familiar with this. My outerwear lacks pumps.


- And the Bears are going to go for a 4th and short of their own, with :52 left on the clock.

- And the result is the same as when Seattle did it... not just a first down, but a touchdown. Thomas Jones squeezes through a hole and waltzes into the endzone. 21-14 Bears, and that last 2:00 or so was not handled well by the Seahawks. It all started with that squib kick.


- And that's going to do it for the first half here... a very good, very entertaining first half.