- Seattle comes out and gets a field goal to start the second half... credit Chicago's defense there for coming up with a stop when they had to. I like the way this game's shaping up.

- The defense stiffens up, too, getting after Grossman on the next drive, forcing a couple of sacks. I wonder if the pressure starting to get to Grossman will have him reverting to non-sexy Rexy. They're getting that pressure with their four down linemen, too.


- 3rd and 4, and a big completion from Hasselbeck to Branch, getting the Seahawks down inside the Bears 25. Perfect throw from Hasselbeck... and Shaun Alexander's got 10 on the next play, too.

- Draw play to Alexander on a 3rd and 10, and that's a brilliant call by Mike Holmgren. The seas just parted for him... much like I'd enjoy parting the thighs of his wife. The extra point is up and good, and Seattle's taken the lead.

- I apologize to Mrs. Alexander. That wasn't very nice.

- And how about the quality of play from the NFC this weekend? I expected it from New Orleans, and thought there was a reasonable chance that Chicago could bring it, too... but Seattle and Philadelphia, too? That's more than we had a right to expect. Round of applause for the NFC.


- Illegal contact called on Kelly Jennings, and... I just don't think that was a good call. Solid throw by Grossman, though, and Chicago's moving the ball here. They're inside the Seattle 30, 1st and 10.

- Seattle's defense stiffens, and here comes Robbie Gould for the field goal. He's been a little shaky lately... he puts it through, but we've got a whistle here before the snap.


- The defense flinched and got the offense to false start... which is not legal. And that gives the Bears a first down and brand new life. That's the end of the third quarter. This game... is awesome.