Sean Taylor Needs To Practice His Spitting

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If you watched last weekend's Redskins-Buccaneers game, you saw Washington safety Sean Taylor ejected for spitting on Tampa Bay running back Michael Pittman, and you know when you spit on a Marine who has been known to drive his Hummer into vehicles that contain his wife and child, there will be ramifications. Even if the ESPN Sunday Night crew portrayed Taylor as a victim in the whole matter.

Well, video of the expectoration has arisen online, and well, we have some issues with Taylor's spitting technique; he ends up with an infant-esque pool of dribble that just kind of falls out of his mouth, limply. If you're doing to spit in somebody else's face, it's all about the arc. Parabolas. Torque. Talk to Roberto Alomar if you need to, Sean.

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