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Searching For..."I LIV 4 THIS" Woman

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Really. Thanks to one reader's wife who became Facebook friends with this happy "e"-less female Yankee fan last night, she's actually been found and identified. America, meet Amy W. AKA "I LIV 4 THIS" woman.


OK, I have done some further investigation (ie: she confirmed my wife as a FB friend). Basically, there's no doubt that it's her—there are pictures of her on her wall as the I LIV 4 THIS, and numerous people congratulating her. She also responds in the comments to one post that it was her.

We decided against sending you a bunch of screenshots of her FB page, since it's kind of weird to FB friend someone just so you can reveal their identity to a sports blog. My wife sent Amy a message with a link to the Deadspin post, so we left it to her to get in touch with you.

If she doesn't, we all can live with the private knowledge that IL4T girl is named Amy W.


And...she did.

Hi A.J.

I am responding to your "absurd mission impossible post". An old friend from HS said they saw this post on facebook and knew that I was the "I LIV 4 THIS" girl from TV and said I should respond so here I am. I saw that girl Sarah's post. You can tell that girl Sarah that I only have Sisters....sorry to disappoint and the reason there is no "E" on the end of the shirt is because it wouldn't fit!!! I am...don't know what else the girl wants or needs.


So, Sarah, there's your answer — Amy is not your boyfriend's long, lost sister. It's a shame because she seems like such a pleasant woman and would be a great addition to anyone's family.

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