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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Searching For...Whoever The Hell This Lady Is

Illustration for article titled Searching For...Whoever The Hell This Lady Is

Deadspin's deadbeat ballplayer detective service has prompted more readers to reach out to us with more people-finding missions. The latest request is a little more complicated because it's, well, oh, just read the email...

Hi AJ & Crew –

I'm sure you are sifting through a ton of emails after the WS last night, but I have a favor to ask. So remember that girl that FOX kept showing? The one who couldn't be bothered to add the extra "E" to her "I LIV 4 THIS" custom jersey? Well, she looks exactly like my boyfriend. The resemblance is frightening. She looks more like him than either of his sisters do. As far as we know, there are no other relatives running around unaccounted for, but she looks too much like him to not be related to him in some way.

So my favor is, can you guys post this so we can figure out who she is? If you guys can find Jose Lima, I'm sure you can find this girl.

Thanks guys,


PS – if you guys end up seeing this and not posting it, could you at least just tell Big Daddy Drew that I love him? Thanks.


So to reiterate this absurd mission impossible: Please identify the "I LIV 4 THIS" woman so Sarah here can figure out if that person is a blood relative of her boyfriend. Christ.

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