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Searching For...Melissa Lima On Behalf Of Alcides Escobar's Estranged Wife

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A movement is afoot. Hotshot Brewers prospect Alcides Escobar's ex-wife emailed us for Melissa Lima's contact info to involve her in an online petition about deadbeat major league ballplayers. Welcome to Jezespin.


Unfortunately for us, Leury Michaelle Moreno (Escobar's ex) doesn't need help tracking him down, so you can put away your deerstalkers and pipes for now. [Sic'd]:

hahahaha I know where Alcides Escobar is well I dont know per say but I know he is playing for cardenales de lara. He doesnt care about his daughter either. He sends he a misery of 700 bucks a months since june 2009 when i got the divorce dismissed in alabama cause he is trying to divorce me in places with child support salary caps. Since then Ive gotten 700 bucks for Gabriela who was born on Dec 11, 2008. BTW we never discussed child support in court. So now Im starting this petition, I figured that there are many more current or ex baseball wives in my position and I cam across Melissa Lima and Marina Valdez and I would love to get in contact with them to see if we can team up and STOP MLB DEAD BEAT DADS through Major League Baseball itself like you see in my petition which I started a day ago.

You can search for Alcides Escobar if you want aswell we havent had any contact since he tricked me into going to TN with my daughter supposedly to work things out.... to serve me with divorce papers. Id love to see how busy he is that he has never had timeto call his daughter since she was born.


Moreno spoke to Spanish Fanhouse (not the actual name) about her troubling situation with Escobar and looks to generate more publicity for her no-more-deadbeat-ballplayers cause. Oh, and she'd really appreciate it if people gave him a hard time for neglecting his daughter. [Sic'd]:

thank you so much and please do search for Alcides Escobar put him to shame for being a Dead Beat DAd show the world how busy he is that he doesnt have time to spare a second to call his daughter. Thanks so much for the contact and please do help me by publishing my story along with my petition I would really appreciate it. This honestly needs to stop because the victims here are innocent children.

Yes, if anything, this latest incarnation of Deadspin should be remembered for its child welfare component. Or its recklessness and shameful disregard for the truth. Either one, really.


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Enjoy Brady Quinn's comeback tonight. Fight on, fighters of fight.

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