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See? Sometimes Your Life Can Get Better Once You Leave The NFL Behind

Note to those NFL players concerned about what to do if there is no 2011 season: start jotting down those lucid thoughts before the encephalopathy takes hold. It's good advice because Nate Jackson, former NFL player and writer for places of both distinction and ill repute, has just signed a book deal. And, David Hirshey, a man blessed with a face many women would pay a nickel to ride upon, is the lucky editor in charge of making sure its words will not bore you. So congratulations to both of those fine gentlemen. Oh, what will the book be about? It's a sociological essay on the stately ascent of the Composure Class and how it's wholly impacted by the science of human nature. Or wait, actually, let Nate give you the rundown:

"The NFL from a non-superstar narrative, uninterested in perpetuating the manufactured myth. Of course, there will be awesome parts that'll give readers boners, but it won't be one big erection."


So no chance of priapism!


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