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Sepp Blatter Says We're All Racist For Pointing Out FIFA's Corruption

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While addressing FIFA's African and Asian confederations on Monday, FIFA president Sepp Blatter seized the opportunity to mount a defense against the most recent and damning allegations that Qatar bribed its way to the 2022 World Cup. He did this by accusing all of his critics of being racist.

A recent report by The Sunday Times laid out a smoking paper trail alleging that Qatari FIFA vice president Mohamed bin Hammam made payments to international soccer officials around the world in order to secure votes in favor of Qatar's World Cup bid. Four of the officials that he allegedly bribed were from FIFA's African confederation, and Sepp Blatter thinks that if you point that out, you're just being racist.


From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Blatter said: "Once again there is a sort of storm against FIFA relating to the Qatar World Cup. Sadly there's a great deal of discrimination and racism and this hurts me."

Sepp Blatter, man. This goon doesn't have an ounce of shame in his entire body. This isn't even the first time that Blatter has deployed the "You're the real racist!" strategy while trying to deflect attention from his organization's heinous and rampant corruption. Back in September, Blatter tried to tell us that anyone who pointed out what a hilariously dumb idea it is to play soccer when it's 120 degrees outside was just being a Euro-centric imperialist.

This man is the president of a billion-dollar international organization, and he wields the rhetorical tactics of an internet commenter. This man can fuck himself.



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