Sergio Agüero Under Investigation After Squaring Up With Dumbass Pitch Invader

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Mighty Manchester City somehow lost to third-tier club Wigan in the F.A. Cup yesterday. Predictably, this caused a ruckus as the stunned and overjoyed home fans stormed the pitch after the final whistle. One such Wigan fan got way too hyped by the moment and got all up in Sergio Agüero’s face, inspiring the City striker swipe out at the moron accosting him. Here’s the BBC’s clip of the dustup:

According to a report, Agüero claims it was the fan spitting on him that got him wanting to knock the guy’s head in. If true, his reaction would be a more than reasonable. Either way, the way the fan came at him was clearly improper and by itself would justify Agüero’s little push/punch move. Here’s another angle that supports the idea that it was mostly this shithead’s fault for provoking Agüero:

The Wigan fans generally were out of hand:


The F.A. is currently looking into the incident to determine whether to press charges on Agüero or Wigan for failing to prevent all those idiots on the field from storming the pitch. Hopefully logic prevails and Agüero gets off relatively unscathed.

Update [2:09 p.m. Eastern]: The latest reports say Agüero will not be charged by the F.A. for his involvement in the incident.