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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sergio Brown Fires Back At Rob Gronkowski: "I Put Straps On That Boy"

The beef between Rob Gronkowski and Sergio Brown isn't through. Even after Gronkowski ran the Colts safety into a camera cart last night—and took a penalty for it—the tight end kept talking about the guy who broke his arm in 2012.


Gronk compared himself to a bouncer after the game, and Brown to an unruly patron:

Brown chirped back today, saying he was fine with the hate, but he quickly deleted the tweets. Someone screencapped them, of course:


Brown does have a point about his Gronk coverage, but the entire secondary fell apart as the game went on. The Colts' defensive highlight was right before halftime, when Mike Adams intercepted Tom Brady's underthrown ball to Gronk on an inexplicable play-action pass on third-and-one. Their lowlight: Gronkowski's out route that turned into a 26-yard, tackle-breaking touchdown. That score wasn't Brown's fault, but he'll get lumped in anyway, even though his biggest mistake was Gronk (illegally) throwing him into a camera cart.

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