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Illustration for article titled Sergio Garcia Just Climbed Into A Tree Like A Monkey And Hit A One-Handed, Backwards, No-Look Shot, And That Shit Really Worked

When Sergio's Garcia errant shot got caught in a big ass tree today at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, he was basically screwed. The only thing he could've done was climb up that big ass tree after it, because you have to play the ball as it lies. So that's what he did, and it was spectacular and kind of defied the laws of physics, and then he jumped out of the tree and landed on his feet like a fucking leopard and walked away from the tree without looking back like the whole thing was a movie and he just threw a grenade at the tree and the tree blew up and all that's left is a raging fire and rock music in the background and sex.

Garcia double-bogeyed the hole, and withdrew two holes later. Still, it was probably the best shot of the day, unless you want to count Matt Every shooting a ball out of the water from a pond for eagle, which also probably shouldn't have happened:



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