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Imagine this scene: You're seven years old and attending your first big-time college football game. Your dad has gotten you seats in the front row, you've got the jersey, you've even painted your face. Your team is upsetting a ranked opponent in primetime and driving for another touchdown. The ball goes up, the wide receiver is coming right towards you ... he's got the ball, he's still moving, he can't stop himself ... and BAM! A 180-pound football player in full pads just wound up in your lap. UPDATE: Video following the jump. Garrett Monroe, you just took a shot from a real live college football player and lived to tell about it. What else could possibly happen in your all-too-brief life that would top this ultimate sports experience? How about a one-on-one audience with the Princess of Pigskin herself? Treasure this moment, son. As we speak, thousands of college students are trying to figure out how they can throw themselves in front of a moving linebacker during their school's next televised home game. And it's all because of you and whatever genius decided to leave that hole in the stadium wall. • Blog Hero [College Game Balls] • First grader manages to get Erin Andrews more excited than you ever will [The Sports Hernia]


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