A softball coach is out of a job because her sex offender husband has been volunteer coaching the team. His criminal record: molesting the coach, when she was a high school student 25 years his junior.

Ashley Nieto was 14 when Ronald Nieto was convicted of lewd acts with a child. Twelve years later, they're married with one child and another one on the way. Who says those stories don't end happily ever after?


Ashley is coach of the Palm Desert (Calif.) girls softball team, and naturally asked her husband to help her out. After all, he's got experience with high school girls. Said Ashley:

I have been coaching for 6 years, it's my program, he has had nothing to do with it."

When he started volunteering, the school's AD told them he had to stay out in left field, far away from the team. But he's gradually crept in, sitting in the dugout and keeping score. That was the final straw. Ashley's been fired as coach, and Ronald has been charged with three misdemeanors related to his involvement with the team.


The lesson here: be aware of who's looking after your teenagers, even if it's the coach's husband. Maybe especially if it's the coach's husband.

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