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Sex Shows With A Playoff Level Of Intensity

This image was lost some time after publication. is one of the most essential sites on the web during the NFL Playoffs. I remember last year, a young woman in Pittsburgh was looking for someone to dress up like Ben Roethlisberger and have sex with her. This year, for a couple of Eagles tickets, a couple of young female grad students are willing to put on a sex show for you.


Since there's only a couple of hours remaining until kickoff, I'm assuming that this has already gone down, or is right now a part of a bad-ass tailgate party. I also feel pretty safe in assuming that A.J. Daulerio was somehow involved with this. I know he wouldn't give up playoff tickets for the privilege, but he probably could've seen the show for free, just by mentioning that he is, in fact, the balls.

I am somewhat underwhelmed, however, by the offer these young ladies have put on the table. These tickets are worth hundreds of dollars, and they can't even bring themselves to touch anyone for them? That's weak, sweetheart. That better be one hell of a show. And remember, these people booed Santa Claus... if they don't sense a proper amount of conviction in your muff-diving, they will boo your ass, too.

Calling the play from the sidelines [Philadelphia Daily News]

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