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Shane Victorino Will Banish You To The Land Of Wind And Ghosts

Of course, there was a live blog: Shane Victorino is Sportsman No. 1 Muscular Athlete Champion. Can you do any less?!? [Lost in Ube]

Somebody hire this man: What the world needs now is more Barry Bonds. [Steroid Nation]


Boo hoo: Wait, people aren't happy with the BCS results? News to me. [All Things Trojan]

Welfare queens: Yes, the football season can make unemployment a little more bearable. Of course, maybe if you weren't a Redskins fan, you would still have your job. [Jobless and Less]

Chopsticks not included: Did you know that, like the Great Wall of China, you can also see Bonzi Wells from space? [Graney and the Pig]

Ask Kerry Collins: Baltimore Ravens: Good defense ... or the best defense? [Big Picture]

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