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Shani Davis Is Huge in Holland

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Nearly lost in the hullaballoo (I've never used that word before, and I have no idea why I'm starting now) of the Chad Hedrick/Shani Davis post-race news conference yesterday, is the fact that members of the Dutch curling team showed up for the sole purpose of heckling Chad Hedrick. In turn, I suppose that probably makes Chad Hedrick a dutch hater. Izhn't that veird? Regardless of whose side you're taking in the Hedrick/Davis feud, I think you'd have to agree: When the Dutch curling team shows up to heckle someone, it is awesome.

From what I can gather here, Davis's mom made friends with a few of the Dutch curlers after she was kicked out of a post-race news conference a few days ago. And yesterday, Dutch curlers in tow, Cherie Davis came to the press conference wearing bright orange Holland gear.


Evidently, Davis is more popular in Holland than he is here, which makes sense, because until a few days ago, no one in America had any idea that Shani Davis existed. I guess they take their speedskating a little more seriously in Holland. And it's easy to see why they would be so quick to admire his speed and grace on the ice, as many of them find it difficult to accomplish such feats while wearing their wooden ice skates.

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