Shaq Appears To Have An Insane Method For Saving Money On Gasoline

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After last night’s Bucks-Celtics game, the jokesters at Inside the NBA got in an argument about the gas efficiency of large cars that is best watched through your fingers.

Kenny Smith kicks it off by mentioning that there was a car he didn’t want to buy because it costs so much money—specifically, $80—to fill it up with gas.

Shaq then says that from his experience on the road (“Nobody travels more than me”), he’s developed a workaround to this problem: don’t wait for the gas tank to get empty, because it costs more to fill it up then. Instead, save money by filling up the tank when it’s half-empty, and spend $20 to get it from half-empty to three-quarters full. That way, you’re spending $20 and not $80. As Shaq actually says, “You’re complaining about when it gets to zero, you spend $80. But when it gets to half, you put $20, then when it gets back to half, you put $20.”


It’s almost impossible to feel vicarious embarrassment for Shaquille O’Neal, but watching this argument go on for two full minutes tests those limits.