Shaq Is Rapping Like A Weirdo Again, Dissing Dwight Howard

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What you see above is Shaquille O'Neal hanging out in what looks like his mom's basement with two of his friends and spitting what I guess qualifies as a freestyle rap. Shaq takes a predictable swipe at Dwight Howard, but this dis track is nowhere near as devastating as "Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes."

The video was sent to us by a tipster named Deepak, who would also like to add some context to what you are watching:

TO HELP PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE (which is what DeadSpin lacks sometimes):

Loaded Lux is a battle rapper who is legendary on the URLTV/Smack format. He has been in the forefront of black battle rap culture for the last several years. He came out of retirement for a battle last month against Detroit rapper, Calicoe. That battle went viral and Lux coined a phrase during the battle "He gon' get this work", which took off and spiraled into a phenomenon. Arian Foster used that phrase after running for a TD two weeks ago, rapper Drake used the phrase in a new song, and Shaq even used the phrase in this freestyle video. The gentleman on the right is Young Money (Lil' Wayne's label) artist, Cory Gunz. Cory Gunz has been friend's with Shaq and was on stage freestyling with him in the infamous "Kobe, tell me how my ass taste" video from a couple of years ago.

Hope this helps out.

From a noted hip hop enthusiast and future physician,

Thank you for all of that perspective, Deepak.