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Shaq On Taint

After the Heat lost to Dallas on Thursday, a reporter engaged Shaq in conversation about Dirk Nowitzki's MVP candidacy. Shaq, sensing the opportunity to get some things off his chest, went off about how the award selection process and said that Steve Nash's last two MVP awards were "tainted."

Oh, the bitter rumblings of a man who knows his MVP days are behind him. Shaq will never again be a contender for an NBA MVP award... and with Dwyane Wade's shoulder having been destroyed at the hands of the vicious Shane Battier, and Shaq nearing retirement age, there's also a chance that he might never again be a part of a team that's relevant to discussions of an NBA championship.


I say he entitled to this bitterness. If he doesn't feel Steve Nash is a worthy MVP, fine. If every time the Heat play the Suns, Shaq wants to look at Steve Nash, grab the spot below his giant rhinoceros balls and yell "TAINT! TAINT!" then I think he's entitled to that, too. Rage on, big man.

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