We shared a few good stories with you today, and so we will end Wednesday with nothing but whimsy, from the man who has perhaps the best innate understanding of whimsy in the game. Here is Shaq, at age 24, emerging from a magic boombox as a freestyling genie with the promise of three wishes in the one-star wonder ("I gave this movie a 1 only because the scale didn't go into negative numbers") that was Kazaam.

It's odd to feel nostalgic about a man who is so good at never taking himself seriously, but all it took for me was about five looks at his rookie highlight reel. I'd forgotten, in the last few years, that this seven-footer was once capable of leading a fast break and throwing a no-look pass to his point guard. For that, we owe him the torment of sitting through one final screening of the 95th-worst movie ever made. Or at least just his opening scene.


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