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Shattered Town Observes Anniversary Of Drunken Metrodome Coitus By Slamming Doors In Reporter's Face

Carroll, Iowa, is the home of Lois Feldman, the woman who famously had a crapulent fling in the stall of a Metrodome bathroom. Carroll is also the home of many people who'd rather not talk about Lois Feldman's crapulent fling.


The event's anniversary is nigh, and the enterprising John Brewer of the St. Paul Pioneer Press took it upon himself to visit the small town in west-central Iowa. He reports back that "emotions about the tryst still run raw." That's fancy newspaper-talk for, "A bunch of people yelled 'no comment' at me from behind a slamming door."

Here's Feldman herself (she's apparently still with her husband):

Feldman, living in a tan split-level in Carroll, answered her door Nov. 13 in a black tracksuit.

"No comment!" she said and slammed the door.

Here's Feldman's mother:

"You hurt our community," Feldman's mother said of the coverage. "This is very hurtful. I just don't understand why you'd want to write about it."


During an earlier visit, Feldman's mother looked at a reporter and photographer in disbelief before telling them it would be better if the media left her daughter alone.

Here are some old people in a café:

"It's best if it just dies down," said one woman, declining to be identified.

"I don't know why they want to follow up on that," another person said.

"They want to rev it up again," another answered.

It seems that no one, not even the local strip-club manager, would talk at any length. (A woman doinked a guy in a bathroom one year ago and many miles away. What's an octogenarian with coffee dribbling down his chin really going to say about that?) And so ends Brewer's story, about how everyone in quaint little Carroll wants to forget that one thing they'd probably forgotten until a reporter came along to remind them about it.


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