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Shawn Thornton Fined For Spraying P.K. Subban With Water During Game

When Corey Perry filled Jeff Carter's glove with water during a break last week, it was cute. Shawn Thornton's spraying of Montreal's P.K. Subban last night was more dickish than cheeky, and he paid for it.

In the final minute of Game 5, Subban went after a puck in the neutral zone, passing by the Bruins' bench. Though it's tough to see at normal speed, Thornton flicked his bottle towards Subban, catching him in the face with some water. Subban was pissed, talking to Thornton—and making him flinch—then complaining to an official while Thornton laughed on the bench.


The incident wasn't ignored by the NHL, though. Today, the league fined Thornton $2,820.52, the maximum amount for an unsportsmanlike conduct offense. Game 6 is in Montreal tomorrow, so maybe a Habs fan can come up with a clever H2O-related sign for Thornton by then.

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