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Shayanna Jenkins: I Have No Idea What Was In The Mystery Box I Threw Out

Illustration for article titled Shayanna Jenkins: I Have No Idea What Was In The Mystery Box I Threw Out

Aaron Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, had her second day of testimony at Hernandez's murder trial today, and she spent most of the day fending off the prosecution's questions about a heavy box that Hernandez asked her to get rid of the day after Odin Lloyd was killed.


The prosecution alleges that the box contained the gun that Hernandez used to kill Lloyd. During her original grand jury testimony, Jenkins said that nobody told her to throw away the box, but today she admitted that she did indeed dispose of it at Hernandez's request, and that she believes he told her that it was "important" that she get rid of it.

As for what was in the box, Jenkins claims she has no idea, and that she never asked Hernandez about it. She testified that the cardboard box was open when she found it, but that there were smaller boxes inside of it, obscuring what was underneath. Jenkins claims that she never looked inside the box, and put it in a black trash bag before getting in her sister's car and finding a place to get rid of it.


And where did she dispose of it? Jenkins said she doesn't remember, and that she drove around for a while before finding a "random dumpster" to dump the box in. When asked why she couldn't remember where she ditched the box, she explained that it was because she was feeling nervous (via ESPN):

"I really had to play a neutral role as far as trying to comfort my sister. Everyone's emotions were kind of on me," Jenkins said.

Jenkins's sister, Shaneah, was Lloyd's girlfriend.


Throughout her two days of testimony, Jenkins studiously avoided saying anything that would put her fiancé's defense in jeopardy, but she did ask the jury to believe the following set of circumstances: that she never looked inside the box, never asked why it was so important that she throw away the box, never asked why she had to drive all the way to Providence and give Hernandez's co-defendants $500 the day after Lloyd was killed, and has no idea why Hernandez sent her a seemingly coded text message while he was at the police station.



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