Shea Stadium Is Going Out Of Business; Everything Must Go!

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Not since Cosmo Kramer fished the entire Merv Griffin talk show set out of a dumpster has there been a bigger opportunity than this: The Shea Stadium Memorabilia Auction. I know you've always wanted your very own Mets dugout, and now is your chance: Starting bid $100,000. How about Moises Alou's locker? That'll run you 10 grand. Myself, I'm going for the cheaper items, such as a panel from the outfield wall: $1,750. It's gonna look great serving as my garage door. Dare you dream of the Dunkin Donuts cup in the visitor's bullpen? $3,500. Hey hands off; Aaron Heilman's not for sale! Also for sale: All manner of signs and banners, including several "No Forklifts" signs, which should be a hit at parties. And the foul poles will run you $25,000 each. Here's the full list. The items, sold in partnership with the MeiGray Group, went on sale at 10 a.m. today and can only be purchased by calling (888) 463-4472. They will be available to view throughout this weekend's series against the Braves. I can just see a peacefully dozing Bobby Cox being loaded into an SUV by a family from Suffolk County. Shea Stadium Memorabilia Auction — Here's What You Can Buy [Loge 13]