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She's Back! And Just In Time. Bluebirds, Cardinals. Affirmed.

Is it any wonder that Barbaro's latest recovery seems to coincide with the return of Dee Mirich to the Barbaro message board? Things looked bleak recently for Big Boss Horse until, yesterday, this message appeared from the heavens.

Angel Batbaro and Dr. R. loving companions. Angels On Earth. Who are love. Who are very beautiful. God gave you, Dr. R. a dear friend.. Barbaro.Affirmed. My Love, Dee Mirich. — Dee Mirich, 40; Merrillville, IN, U.S.A. posted on 2007-01-17 09:57:56


Yes, after a mysterious, nearly three-week absence during which Barbaro almost kicked the bucket, Dee Mirich is back; although as early typos seem to indicate, a little rusty. But we don't mind. No, we don't mind at all.

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(By the way, this video has absolutely nothing to do with this story. Blame With Leather for that one.)

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