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Cadougan, amazingly, came back from this during the first half, so we can watch and listen without too much queasiness. There's a lot going on here, most of which you can hear for yourself, but a couple interesting moments:

• "Oh, shit! Aw...damn. Ohh, fuck" is exactly what we'd say if 6-8, 215 C.J. Fair landed on our neck.


• Cadougan tells Buzz Williams "my whole spine cracked. My head went, and that shit cracked." Right after, the trainer, feeling around underneath Cadougan tells him "everything feels good," and Cadougan seems relieved.

• Tough to make out, but it sounds like Buzz Williams tells Cadougan that his teeth are in place (so everything is probably OK).


Eagle-eared readers will probably be able to pick out more snatches of conversation, but even with some fuzziness, it's a fascinating look at one of the tensest possible moments in basketball. Throw anything else you hear in the comments.

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