Shit-Talking German Track Cyclist Loses Seat During Sprint, Wins Gold Medal Anyway

Photo credit: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images
Photo credit: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

British track cyclists have thus far dominated the velodrome at the Rio Olympics. They have 11 medals, while no other country has more than two. The women’s sprint gold medal was one of the few that got away, as Germany’s Kristina Vogel defeated Rebecca James this afternoon to take the win.


Vogel’s victory was extra sweet, since she has spent most of her time in Rio talking shit about the British team, calling them “cannon fodder”, and questioning why they are so dominant at the Olympics, and yet so mediocre in the intervening years.

“I don’t want to make any allegations about anyone, but it is questionable. They all come at such a level – I have no idea how they do that,” she said, according to

“Of course we wonder about it, they were to an extent cannon fodder. I don’t know, if maybe they don’t train those three years. They must be doing something right.”

She held on for the win by a tiny margin, which was all the more impressive, since her bike was falling apart. At the very end of her sprint win over James, Vogel’s whole dang seat came unhinged, eventually popping off her bike as she crossed the line. As you can see, track cyclists sprint while seated, unlike road cyclists.

Vogel said that she barely held her bike upright as she crossed the line:

“I lost it on the last metre, it was crazy,” the 25-year-old said after staunching the flow of British gold on the last day of a memorable track programme at the Rio velodrome.

“I was struggling not to crash. I just tried not to fall because at that speed you can’t stand on the pedals, you have to sit.”


May Vogel keep talking this righteous trash and owning British cyclists.

Staff writer, Deadspin