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SHOTY Final Four: Kige Ramsey Vs. Pac Man Jones

This is it, folks: We're at the Final Four. Look out: There's Billy Packer! Bah! Grrr!

Again, a matchup of polar opposite human beings. But, in that Tennessee Titans way, they are teammates. Voting is open for about a week, and we'll occasionally remind.


No. 2 Seed Kige Ramsey

Carried around every book he ever owned in a belt.

Visited Wal-Mart.

Actively did some campaigning.

Expanded his commercial techniques.

Enjoyed Halloween.

No. 3 Seed Pac Man Jones

Introduced the phrase "Make It Rain" to a nation of grateful white people.

Scared his family.

Missed out on watching Vince Young play quarterback this season.

Didn't rassle, darnit.


Get on there and vote, folks.


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