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Titans To Pacman: You Shant Pretend Wrestle

When we last left our intrepid yet suspended NFL hero, which was yesterday, we were speculating the possibility of wrestlers exacting revenge on Pacman Jones for what one of Jones' lackeys did to a strip club bouncer-slash-wrestling hopeful. So either the Tennessee Titans are afraid something might happen to him during these rasslin' matches, or they just don't want Jones to earn any sort of paycheck this year.


The Titans received a court order saying Jones can't fake wrestle, which is to take place on Sunday on pay-per-view. To the best of my knowledge, the court order says nothing of real wrestling. Rulon Gardner anxiously awaits.

Seriously, Pacman, why even try to make any sort of appearance on a cable channel not named the NFL Network? I mean, some households actually get pay-per-view television. If it's danger you're a-jonesin' for, there's always sword swallowing, walking on burning coals, BASE jumping, and having Navin Johnson's wife throw knives at the balloon in your mouth. And none of those dangerous, thrilling sports compete with the NFL Network, because it's all televised on stunning bootleg HDTV.

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