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SHOTY First Round: Chris Berman Vs. Kevin Hart

It might seem odd to some of you that Chris Berman would have such a high seed this year. Wasn't his heyday around 2006, YWML time? Well, I would retort that you've had too much of the deux deux deux.

Voting will remain open until the end of the first round ... and we've got two heroes from very early on in the year stacking up. It's No. 3 seed Chris Berman vs. No. 14 Kevin Hart. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:

No. 3 Chris Berman
Perturbed, slightly, with behind-camera movement.
Forced ESPN to take video brilliance off YouTube.
Watched Deadspin hang onto them anyway.


No. 14 Kevin Hart
Announced his collegiate intentions.
Nope. It's recruiting, Imaginationland-style.

Vote like the wind.

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