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Siblings Get Romantic In Vancouver

All of the ice dancing pairs must perform a romantic tango routine. Four of the ice dancing pairs are brother and sister. Like, for example, those in the photo. Ick.

How do the siblings get through it?

1. Don't make eye contact.

We try to find ways to kind of look through-or look a little up, or a little sideways," says [Alexandra] Zaretsky. "Hey, you gotta act."


2. Tell yourself over and over, it's just acting.

Sometimes you need to emote those kinds of feelings like you are in love with her," says American skater Evan Bates..."It is so hard to develop that when you are 10 and 11 years old, and you are grossed out by girls."

3. Get creative

[John] Kerr, 29, says that dancing with his sister means he is prevented from developing romantic themes in performance. (Their tango will be more like a fight between two people, he says.)


4. Try not to get a chubby.

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