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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sign Up For The Deadspin Newsletter, Then Sign Up Your Enemies

Many people have come up to me—on the street, at a restaurant, in my bathroom—with tears in their eyes, and they’ve asked, “Sir, when is the Deadspin newsletter coming back?” Great news for them: It’s back. Sign up here. 

Why should you sign up for the newsletter, which can be found here? Well, while we love and appreciate the portion of our dedicated readers who spend their time constantly refreshing Deadspin’s home page so that they can be first commenter on an article to subtly mention that they’re a lawyer, we’re looking to add to our audience so that our new corporate dads will allow us do our jobs unmolested. Word around the office is that if a lot of you sign up, they might even allow us to hire an editor-in-chief. Wow!

You might be wondering what this newsletter looks like—a fair question. As I have seen a top-secret prototype, I can tell you that it is some news, in the form of a letter. It will contain links, headlines, and maybe even a joke or two.


If you like Deadspin, sign up to get just a little more Deadspin in another form. If you don’t like Deadspin, sign up your enemies. The bad news is that we won’t sell their information—the good news is that we won’t sell yours either. Of course, your enemies can unsubscribe at any time, just like you, but still, for that glorious moment, you’ll be the one with all the power.

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