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Silvio Berlusconi, Who Somehow Still Owns A.C. Milan, Said Some Racist Shit About Mario Balotelli

Silvio Berlusconi, bunga bunga party alumnus and the only crustacean to serve as prime minister of Italy, has been convicted of paying for sex with an underaged prostitute and tax fraud, and he’s been accused of a truly expansive list of other crimes. Berlusconi was buddies with Muammar Gaddafi, is banned for life from holding political office in Italy, and recently sold just under half of A.C. Milan, yet he still somehow controls the team.

One of his political legacies was a restrictive anti-immigrant stance, which he’s decided to apply to his soccer team. He told Sky Sports Italia that he wanted a team without foreigners. Mario Balotelli counted, he said, even though he’s “taken too much sun.”

“My dream is to have an all-Italian Milan. We’ve got many young Italians here at the moment. That includes Balotelli, who has taken too much sun, but is still Italian.”


So, who’s gonna tell him that his best players are from Brazil, Colombia, and Japan?

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