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Simmons Meets Isiah And ... That's It?

Taking a break from his Big Mysterious NBA Book Project, The Sports Feller files his magazine column today and includes a bit of a bombshell: He had a half-hour conversation with Isiah Thomas while in Vegas.

Holy cow, right? Remember, this is the guy who said if he ran into Simmons on the street, "there would be a problem." (This led to a poll here asking who would win in a fight, Simmons or Isiah? Simmons did surprisingly well.) And now these two finally meet each other ... in Vegas! It's time for some Joey Porter-Levi Jones action.


Tell us what happened, Bill! We've been waiting; give us the whole scoop!

Minutes later, Gus [Johnson] waved me over and introduced me to Isiah, who was quite gracious and gave me 30 minutes. I explained my side, he explained his, and that was that. Maybe the details don't matter as much as the story itself: Gus Johnson brokering peace talks between me and Isiah Thomas at a topless pool in Vegas.

Honestly, I'd tell you more, but you know the old saying ...

Sorry, Bill: The details matter! We remain an admirer of The Sports Feller, but we think this might be part of the reason people feel he doesn't speak for real fans as much as he used to: The guy meets with Isiah Thomas — introduced by Gus Johnson! — and keeps the details private. Jeez, that sounds like something one of those stodgy, corrupt, you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours print columnists would do.

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(Full Disclosure: We once met Woody Paige — pre-ass-pinching — at a bar. The conversation went like this:

Us: Hello, sir. We're Will Leitch, we run Deadspin, and we thought we should introduce ourselves.
Woody Paige: I know who you are. (Drinks.) (Stares forward.)


We also once had a cup of coffee with Simmons and found him quite friendly, actually.)

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