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When you put Joey Porter in the same room with a Cincinnati Bengal, in Las Vegas, no less, this is probably destined to happen

A fist fight between two NFL players broke out in the Palms casino on Sunday night, sources said. Joey Porter, an All-Pro linebacker who recently left the Pittsburgh Steelers to join the Miami Dolphins, brawled with Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones, at about 6 p.m. at a blackjack table in the casino. Jones, who suffered scratches, told Las Vegas police he would be filing charges against Porter. Sources said there has been bad blood between the two.


This was about 14 hours ago, so expect more details to filter out in the next few hours. We imagine Levi splitting when Porter wanted him to double down, and that just showed a total lack for Joey, and it all went downhill from there. We can't wait until Porter gets to Miami ... if he actually makes it.

Breaking: Joey Porter Brawls With Bengals Lineman Levi Jones In Las Vegas [The Big Lead]

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