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Isiah Thomas. Bill Simmons. Quien Es Mas Macho?

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In one of those stories that almost seem too good to be true around here, it appears that good ole' Bill Simmons has been threatened by Knicks general "manager" Isiah Thomas on — of all things — Stephen A. Smith's radio show. In his newest "More Cowbell" post, a Simmons reader writes in:

On Stephen A. Smith's ESPN radio show, Isiah Thomas just ranted about sportwriters who without any athletic ability making personal attacks on athletes. He went so far to say that if he were to meet you, Bill Simmons on the street, there would be a problem.


We're rather stunned by this for several reasons, not least of which that we can't believe Isiah Thomas knows how to use a computer. (Either that, or he has a very mean personal assistant.) Simmons calls for Isiah to contact him in a fashion other than a street beating so they can have a "dignified conversation," because when you're talking dignity, you're talking Isiah Thomas and Bill Simmons.

Anyway, since we've played this game before, we thought it might be fun to break it out again: A Deadspin poll on who would win in a fight: Bill Simmons or Isiah Thomas. Keep in mind, by the way, that Thomas is almost 45 years old, has notoriously bad knees and once was on an episode of "Home Improvement." Also, he is wearing a turtleneck in that photo. Vote, and we'd love to hear your potential scenarios in the comments. Cuban beat Simmons 74 percent to 26 percent; we wonder if this will be closer.

It's worth noting, by the way, as a commenter pointed out, that when Thomas said Simmons' name, Stephen A. responded with "Who?" Too funny.


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