Since Robin Ventura's Back In Baseball, The Rangers Will Stop Showing That Video Of Nolan Ryan Beating Him Up

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Last year, Texas showed the famous 1993 brawl between the Rangers and White Sox before every single game. Maybe you think it's weird for a team to air highlights of their president and CEO, but then again your team's president and CEO has probably never pummeled a man. (Unless you're a Marlins fan, in which case David Samson beats a homeless man within an inch of his life every weekend.)

The punchee in that video is Robin Ventura, newly minted White Sox manager, and the Rangers are reconsidering their tradition in light of the fact that Chicago comes to town for Texas's home opener.

"I also don't think it's right for us on our Opening Day to show a fight, and then that whole weekend we're going to treat Robin Ventura with respect," [public address announcer Chuck] Morgan said. "He's the manager of the White Sox. We don't need to do anything like that."


Probably a good idea, considering how the fight is still a sore spot for some South Siders. Like this guy, who with some creative video editing and AC/DC, tries to make the argument that Ventura actually got the better of Ryan in the brawl.

Ryan-Ventura fight clip scrapped [ESPN Dallas]