We're sure you've seen this, but we kind of had to bring it up anyway. If you're like us, you can't be pulled away from the television with a herd of wild ponies during an ARCA stock car race.* One reason is that these guys are always grapplin', and they aren't just your everyday tussles like you see in NASCAR. Take Sunday's Great Lakes Chevy Dealers/Budweiser Glass City 200 at Toledo Speedway, for instance. The highlight of a fight between two drivers came when one of them leaped up and crashed through the windshield of the other car. That's how they roll in Toledo, beey-otch. Here's the quite entertaining video, courtesy WTOL, Toledo. From ARCARacing.com:

Michael Simko and Don St. Denis tangled on lap 112, with Simko's #06 slamming into the wall. He exited the car and as St. Denis' car came back around ran up to it, took a flying leap and took out the windshield, then came the fight.

Jack Landis won the race, but then you knew that.

* = May not be true.

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