Fashion. Forward: What was up with Bryant Gumbel's jacket? Doesn't he know we're in a recession? [Leave The Man Alone]

Mmm. Nuggets: First of all, Chik-Fli-A is delicious. Second of all, have you seen the M&M commercial where the candy tries to eat itself? Now that's sick. [Serious Tip]

Great seats still available: Free college basketball in Detroit tomorrow. Of course, if you wake up in Detroit on New Year's Day, you've probably got bigger fish to fry. [Rush The Court]

Works every time: The Blazers try the new innovative six-man offense. Or seven if you count Greg Oden twice. [Inside Hoops]


What took so long?: An English striker sets a record by getting a red card in the first three seconds of the match. But the pubs were closing early—what else would you have him do? [The Big Picture]