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'Skins: A Billion-Kerjillion People Read About Our Stupid Team

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Dan Snyder’s football team continues to be the biggest embarrassment in sports. To wit:


This infographic comes from a report commissioned by the Washington football team, the purpose of which is to demonstrate to the people of Richmond, Va., that they got a really good deal when the city agreed to plunk down a bunch of cash in order to convince the team to hold its yearly training camp in the city.

(The people of Richmond did not get a good deal, by the way. They got a shit deal that is costing them money while simultaneously stuffing Dan Snyder’s pockets—which are already lined with a thick layer of Cheeto dust, I imagine—with money he doesn’t deserve. Anyway, you can read all about this travesty here.)


You’ll notice that none of those dollar amounts are real, and are instead representations of “value” derived from “coverage.” You’ll also notice that those numbers are comically large—$72 million! Over seven billion unique visitors! That’s more people than are currently living on the Earth!—which makes one wonder how such plainly bullshit statistics get concocted. Thankfully, the group that conducted the research on behalf of the Skins explained itself to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

A spokeswoman for Meltwater said the number provided by the group is “impressions” and counts anytime a person is exposed to a news story about the event, including social media posts.

In other words, the numbers are completely made up. This team is garbage.

[Times-Dispatch via DC Sports Bog]

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