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Skip Bayless Would Let Lil' Wayne Suck Out His Flu

The most articulate and entertaining ESPN staffer goes at it with Skip Bayless.

I've never hid my pure enjoyment in of Lil' Wayne's ESPN the mag blogs and often wondered how long it would take for his profile to further expand at ESPN. His columns have been honest, goofy, and surprisingly insightful. He's also an unabashed sports fanatic and a bigger fanatic of ESPN. So today was a special, as Weezy finally got to fulfill a dream and go head-to-head with Skip Bayless on today's First Take.


Interestingly enough, Bayless has a huge hip-hop following. According to Bayless insiders (I assure you they do exist) he's buddies with Nelly, plus 50 Cent has also expressed interest in a spirited confrontation with Skip. But even though Skip may have some odd street cred, that still doesn't make up for this. Still? The Bayless rap video is less ridiculous than Dana Jacobson asking about his grill.

Lil' Wayne v. Bayless [MTV News Room]

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