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Small Child Unimpressed With Dad's One-Handed Catch And Perhaps The Sport Of Baseball

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The type of reflexes that people get once they become parents cannot be overstated enough. The latest example of this came during Saturday’s Angels-Mariners game in Seattle. When Luís Rengifo smacked a foul ball into the crowd, a proud Mariners dad lifted his right arm into the air and nonchalantly snagged that sucker. He received an appropriate ovation from the people sitting around him because of how impressive the catch was, and, perhaps most importantly, he was able to make that impressive catch without putting his child in complete danger.

But not everyone was impressed with the man’s feat of strength. The child on that man’s lap could so obviously not give two shits about what just went down. He barely noticed the ball was approaching—though most kids at that age are notably terrible athletes—and once the catch was made, he was only interested in touching the baseball with the same vapid curiosity that small children have towards most things.


There’s also a chance that the kid was just so bored with the game, that not even the athletic achievements from your average dad could liven him up. At that point in the match up, neither team had scored a run in nearly three innings. That might as well be a few days of non-action from that child’s perspective, so who could blame him for that apathy?

The obvious takeaway here is that the balls might not be juiced enough to get the next generation interested in this sport. Hopefully MLB fixes this clear oversight sooner rather than later.

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