Snoop Dogg Should Call More Hockey Games

The L.A. Kings brought Snoop Dogg to a home game against the Penguins to drop the ceremonial first puck. Unlike most guests, however, he was allowed to call part of the game too. The results were about as delightfully on-brand as you’d expect.

Here are some of my personal favorite lines:

And I’ve drunk out of Stanley, say that ain’t so.

I want to learn how to ice skate so I can play hockey. That’s the only problem that I have.

[pushing and shoving happens]

Oh watch out, he stole on him! He fired on cuz’, hold on now! Get it crackin’ then, let’s go! Snoop Dogg in the house, let me see sum’n! Drop the sticks man, let’s get crackin’ man, to the middle of the rink, let’s go.


Snoop typically associates with football—he’s a noted fan of the USC Trojans and Pittsburgh Steelers, and runs the Snoop Youth Football League—but he’s not a stranger to the NHL. He was the DJ for the 2017 All-Star skills competition where he played a hilariously unedited set that included a loud “motherfucker” blasting through the arena.

The league is still probably hoping that that experience, along with this moment as a broadcaster, is able to sway the hip hop legend into expanding his sports allegiances onto the rink. It probably won’t get this far, but a Snoop Youth Hockey League would probably be the best promotion the sport gets since the Miracle on Ice, maybe.