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So, About Those Announcements: Video Interns Are Welcome

Yes. I've neglected to follow-up on those long-overdue announcements. The reason behind the delay was because I wanted to get them all out of the way in one long post, but then all the bells and whistles that were supposedly being added last week derailed a bit. That'll come later. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. Oh, and thanks to commenter Jerkwheat for the image inspiration. Dick. Anyway. Let's knock this out....• Awful Announcing, overworked and underpaid, has now moved to providing us with his brilliant video essays to just two times per week. Monday will be a weekend wrap-up full of sports highlight goodness and on Fridays, we'll get another round-up of various media meltdowns. That means that, yes, there will be something different in the mornings for four days per week. Right now, the thought is to make this an image-friendly post that'll give the early risers something to chew on until the rest of us wake up. So if you've got a funny screen grab or something floating around your (or someone else's) Flickr folder that would be a brilliant kick-start to the day, send it to tips and we'll throw it up there. Make the subject: Morning Wake Up Image or something to that effect. • Interns: Now that AA's workload is lightened, we're putting a call out for a video intern. Richard Blakeley, resident Gawker gadfly and video overlord, will assist in this process. Here's what he's looking for: Must live in NYC Must be addicted to sports Must have a Apple computer (laptop or desktop) Must have basic cable and internet So if you're looking to help us out and hold the appropriate credentials, please send an email along to me:, Subject: Video Slave. Also, while we're at it, might as well get an editorial intern as well: Subject: A.J.'s SlaveComments: "Any comment that isn't part of an active thread, or had a recent response, will be collapsed — unless the commenter is a star or one of your friends." Rob Iracane, resident all-powerful combudsman, will be explaining this a little more in-depth in his column as to how this will potentially impact your commenting routines. (Not much, I'm told.) Also, we're now in control of giving people stars for comments. Yes, you have to be judged by Deadspin to earn a star next to their name. Even more arbitrary nonsense to make our day go even longer than usual. Anyway, just be your usual entertaining selves and I'm sure everyone will get a star if that emblem next to your Deadspin name means anything to you. If not, carry on with your starlessness. • Oh, and Dash is here. He introduced himself last week, but I'd like to formally welcome Dashiell Bennett into the Deadspin family. Hopefully, at some point, his name link will become fully de-porned. That is all. Any questions, comments, pent-up frustrations, chimpanzee dating advice, hit me up on the email. I'll do my best to respond within 48 hours. (Probably not this week, though...)


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