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Ashley Judd could be one of the more annoying of the celebrity super-fans. It is adorable when famous people are so vocal about their teams, but screamin' Ashley just tends to overdo it a bit.

We get it. You love Kentucky. You wear tight shirts that say Kentucky across your boobs. Now stop yelling so much.


Moving on.

Judd went on the Dan Patrick show today to give the Calipari hire her blessing and the relayed a story about how she once almost broke an NCAA violation rule when she almost gave Tayshaun Prince's mother a ride.


From Sports Radio Interviews:

"I once offered Tayshaun Prince's mother a ride somewhere and someone came running up to me afterwards saying "Honey, you can't do that."… She's the most precious woman, she drove the public bus in the Nashville Public Transit System and didn't get to see Tayshaun play very much at at all…and I was going to be going over to the Kentucky game at the University of Tennessee, I offered her a ride and Sandy Bell, our NCAA officer…she just hustled her rear end right up to me and said "Babe, you cannot do that."


In the movie remake of this, Tayshaun Prince's mother will have some skeletons in her closet that the unassuming Ashley Judd won't find out about until it's too late. Sandy Bell will be played by Morgan Freeman.

Ashley Judd And Another Case Of The NCAA Being Ridiculous [SRI]

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