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So Much For That San Jose Dynasty

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After dominating the first part of this season and then holding off Detroit to snag the best record in the league, the Sharks really thought that this was their year. Yeah, not exactly.


For the second time in four years, the winner of the President's Trophy has been bounced from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the first round. This time it's a six-game defeat by the no-longer-Mighty Ducks, and Sharks fans are probably none too pleased. It's a second straight postseason disappointment for San Jose and the only solution seems to be breaking up the team and starting over.

Or lots of alcohol and bitter tears. If you happen to know any Northern California hockey fans, try not to make any sudden movements around them today.

To ask a man to recap tonight is akin to watching Mr. T punch your significant other in the face while you are getting teabagged by Gilbert Brown.

I'm not really sure what that means, but that sounds bad. On the bright side, you still get to live in San Jose!

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P.S. The Flames were also eliminated by Chicago last night and there are two Game 7s on tap this evening, so buy popcorn.