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So Who's Ready For Another Run At An Undefeated Season?

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Which is harder: Completing an undefeated season in the NFL, or in college basketball? I NEED TO KNOW! With its 68-59 win over Houston on Wednesday night, Memphis improved to 24-0, looking to become the first Div. I team since Bobby Knight's 1976 Indiana squad to finish unbeaten. Hmm, a current team battling a 1970s team to match unbeaten honors ... didn't we just go through this? Let's go to the vital statistics, courtesy of the nerds those fine folks at AccuScore.

While Memphis will be big favorites in every game left on its schedule, combined the chances of winning all of them is just 26%. The odds against them remaining unbeaten are almost 3 to 1. Here are the projected winning percentages for the rest of Memphis' regular season schedule according to AccuScore simulations:

@UAB ... 67%
@TUL ... 81%
TEN ... 79%
TUL ... 95%
@SMISS ... 89%
@SMU ... 93%
UAB ... 90%

Illinois was 29-0 before losing in the regular season to Ohio State in 2004-05, and St. Joseph's finished the regular season 27-0 in 2003-04. But the last team to seriously assault an overall undefeated season was UNLV, which finished 34-1 in 1990-91, losing to Duke in the Final Four. Can Bobby Knight retire and see his unbeaten season matched within two months of each other? And can Quinn Buckner play the Mercury Morris role this time?

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