FourFourTwo published this wonderful video of Defensor Sporting’s Alejandro Acevedo pretend-crashing to the ground in pretend anguish over a pretend headbutt from a linesman. Acevedo’s cronies swarmed to drag him back to his feet.

It’s a decent performance, but it doesn’t compare to this player grabbing his opponent’s arm in order hit his own face with it, or whatever this is by Louis Van Gaal, or this unfortunate coach suffering a sudden and invisible chokehold.

Soccer is so good.

Update (2:05 p.m. ET): I previously linked to what I called a ‚Äúhilarious‚ÄĚ dive by a Spanish teen, but it was actually not a dive and instead a result of him tearing his ACL, which is in fact a correction on the very blog I linked to but I didn‚Äôt scroll down far enough to see it. So here‚Äôs the same correction again. Sorry.