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If you were hoping to catch some fireworks after Saturday night’s Montreal Impact-Colorado Rapids soccer match, bad news: It’s off because of the damn plague.


On Thursday, the Tri-County Health Department announced the discovery of evidence of sylvatic plague (meaning, animal-borne) in prairie dogs in the Denver suburb of Commerce City. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is closed down, and the Rapids will also close a few other areas, per a news release:

However, it has been recommended that the post-game fireworks display be cancelled due to the confirmed presence of plague-infested fleas affecting prairie dog colonies in the surrounding areas.

Additionally, in accordance with the Tri-County Health Department’s recommendation for the safety of all attendees, parking lots at DICK’S Sporting Goods Park will be restricted to asphalt lots until further notice.


Stay far away from prairie dogs—and MLS matches, just to be extra cautious.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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