Note to various NBA personnel directors and well-wishers: You know why Mike Brown isn't returning your phone calls? A guy named Rajesh Kumar.

Kumar โ€” not the legendary Tamil writer but a 24-year old New Yorker who lived in Cleveland for a month in 2008 โ€” got a new cellphone around the same time that the former Cavs coach was himself getting a new phone number. Kumar received Brown's hand-me-down number. And then he got all of the calls, texts, and voicemails from people whom Brown had deemed unworthy of knowing his new digits.

A few "Great game" texts here and there didn't bother Kumar, but the floodgates opened when Brown was fired. From FanHouse:

"I have gotten over 150 phone calls since (Monday),'' Kumar said Tuesday afternoon in an interview with FanHouse from New York. "I took a nap and I woke up and I had 37 voice mail messages. I thought Mike Brown must have lost a big match.''

Kumar, who just got his master's from NYU, says he isn't keeping the voicemails. Clearly this is a man who doesn't see the pranking possibilities here. Return those calls, Kumar! Reply to the texts! Those rumors about Delonte West aren't going to confirm themselves!


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